Make a Doable New Year’s Resolution

Make a Doable New Year’s Resolution

Every year, millions of people make a New Year’s Resolution only to break it weeks (or even days) later. This year, I am happy to report that I made my New Year’s Resolution happen, and it was completed early! What was it, you might want to know. It wasn’t losing weight, or becoming debt free, or stopping some bad behavior—although I’d love to do all of these things. No, it was simply to light every candle in the house at least once (not including tea lights).

We have all of these candles that we never use, but they smell wonderful, so why not use them, right? But the real reason I made this resolution was because I knew I could do it, and after so many years of vowing to lose weight (and working hard, and starving myself, only to be disappointed), I knew I had to make a resolution that was something I couldn’t NOT do. And I did it!

You might laugh, but this boost of confidence is something that many people could use. Once you accomplish one goal, it’s easier to do more. For example, I didn’t lose all the weight I’d like this year, but I lost a little and started working out again—though I didn’t resolve to do so. I also didn’t become debt free, but I did pay off two bills, including one bothersome credit card—in the midst of a layoff and scarce year in general. Again, it wasn’t my resolution; I just believed that I could do it. This mentality is hard to keep, but if you set easy goals along with your harder ones, perhaps it will make it more doable in your mind and then in your very life.

So how about setting another completely doable resolution this year? I haven’t decided what mine will be just yet, but I am thinking of something artistic—perhaps to make something every week, whether it’s a clay sculpture with my daughter or a watercolor I’ve been meaning to do since forever. Since I usually make something with her each week already, this shouldn’t be too difficult. I was thinking about vowing to move my body somehow at least three times a week, which would also be very doable for me.

What doable resolution could you make for yourself? Set a very reasonable goal and try it. Once you accomplish it, set another!