February 2012

The importance of creating New Year's Eve events for children

Most New Year's Eve parties and rituals are for adults and generally center around drinking alcohol and having a romantic kiss at midnight while the children are at home in bed.

Boring! Children need memories too!

Some of my favorite memories of are my brother and I celebrating New Year's Eve together when we were in elementary and middle school.

Since we were too young to go out and couldn't have alcoholic spirits, we would make frappe, using orange or green sherbet and ginger ale. Sometimes, my mom would buy us sparkling grape juice so we could toast with my Dad.

Then, we would turn on a radio station that was counting down the 100 best songs of the year.  As that played, we got ready.

We would take showers and got dressed in gag party clothes. He would wear a suit jacket with jogging pants, along with a plaid scarf and sunglasses. One year, he wore a lamp shade. Me? I would wear a lace party dress with a wool beret. LOL! Occasionally, I wore a cape (don't ask). On New Year's, my mother even let me wear makeup -- and boy did I pile it on.